Committed to providing an environment that promotes learning

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Learning and Teaching

What we aim to do.

At Sacred Heart, the teachers, in partnership with parents, play an important role in the development of the whole child.  The teacher has a crucial role as the facilitator of learning, providing contemporary, authentic and engaging learning experiences suited to the needs and interest of the individual.  Such an environment helps to build a healthy self-concept in students, promoting independence, inter-dependence and self motivation whilst enabling them to grow and develop their spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, emotional and creative knowledge, skills and behaviours.


How we do it.

At Sacred Heart, students are provided with opportunities to make decisions, take risks, learn from mistakes and experience success.

When planning programs for the students in our care, we recognise that not all students learn in the same way or at the same rate; therefore we provide a variety of activities that cater for different learning styles.  Our planning and teaching is driven by the students’ inquiry‑based learning needs and interests, organised according to a two year cycle.


To support effective learning the teachers at Sacred Heart:

·                Work in partnership with parents as part of the educational process.

·                Work in partnership with each other as part of the educational process.

·                Take into account individual students’ needs which may impact on their learning.

·                Respect, listen to and value the contributions of all students.

·                Adopt best practice that allows for students to learn if different ways.

·                Provide opportunities that extend and develop the students’ understanding of themselves, their community and the world.

·                Provide opportunities for student self-assessment and reflection.


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